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Do you struggle to consistently attract
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Chances are you just don’t have the right strategy.

Most people in professional services try to keep up with networking events, or post a few things on social media, or hope for that next referral, but it isn’t enough.

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Hi, i’m Greg Roworth

I help business advisors to demonstrate their authority in a way that attracts their ideal clients to want to work with them and commit to the ultimate transformation they can deliver.

I’ve successfully started, grown and sold three advisory based businesses in the past 20 years and have cracked the code on how to attract premium clients who commit to pay high level fees to achieve the transformations they want.

But it wasn’t always that way.

I remember the day I got a call from my wife…… and she was far from happy!

My business was growing, but nothing was predictable.

One month, we would be so busy with work to be done that it was a struggle to pull it all together and get it done.

Although our focus was on producing quality work, there were too many slip-ups and too many complaints from customers that we were either not getting it done quickly enough or that they were niggling things they weren’t totally happy about.

Before long though, we would be at the bottom of the cycle wondering where the next big project was going to come from and the small jobs we had weren’t going to be enough to keep everyone busy. 

If only you had a predictable flow of new sales enquiries from people just like your best clients, so that you could smooth out the highs and lows and not have to worry so much about keeping your prices low and your margins trimmed to win the sales you make.

For many months I had been working hard, 70-hour weeks or more, just trying to pull it all together and make ends meet.  This was affecting not only my ability to grow a successful business, but my family was impacted as well.  I hated that I wasn’t being able to provide well for my wife and young children. I often had to go to work after putting out spot fires at home that were arguments about our financial situation.  I kept making promises that it would work out OK, but then on the drive to the office my stomach would be churning about how I could keep that promise.  But finally, that fateful day came when the chaos that was in my business really came to a head. 

It all hit the fan one day when my wife went to the supermarket to buy the weekly groceries and there wasn’t enough money in the account to pay for them.  Then she was on the phone, letting me know what she really thought.

Are you working hard in your business, trying to grow it, but you just can’t seem to get a consistent flow of new sales opportunities to give you the confidence to start recruiting new talent? 

Sometimes, you seem to be so busy that you think it’s time to start to look for a new team member, then next month you seem to be struggling to get enough work to keep your current team productive.

And then you feel frustrated that the sales you win are hard fought and you’ve had to sharpen your pencil to win too many of the new projects, so much that you might not even make a profit on them if something goes wrong.  Then, to make it worse, the clients you worked so hard to win over are the same ones that end up making your life difficult because of their unreasonable expectations and unwillingness to just let you and your team do the job properly.

You try to follow the advice you’re given about marketing, but you end up thinking that it’s a waste of time and money. You hardly notice any change in your lead flow and can’t tell if any of the few new enquiries actually came from the new marketing or just from what you have already been doing.

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Are you a consultant, advisor, coach or owner of a professional services firm who wants to fill your practice with premium clients while automating your lead generation?

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Believe it or not, the growth of your business is not dependent on the amount of time or energy you invest.

Learn how to grow your business successfully without stress and run it on autopilot. Create a business you can sell for maximum value.


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Then, if we feel like you’re a good fit and you decide that you want our help to get fast results, we’ll go over specific ways ways to work together and invite you to become a client at a level that’s affordable for you.